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Startup Sales Email Course

Learn The Psychology Hacks Used By Top Sellers
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"Juliana is a rockstar and world class at what she does. She's taught me techniques I use to this day and I can't thank her enough for her help. She's an incredible sales person, leader, teacher, and I trust her instincts. Keep an eye on her work. She's a rising star."

- Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb

Behind the scenes..

Every week, I'll get at least one email from someone attempting to sell me on their innovative product.

It makes me think of the time I started in sales–a lot of my first meetings ended up with buyers who thought the technology I was selling was 'interesting' but at the moment, didn't have the budget for it. It felt horrible.

From these humble beginnings, I've had the fortune of closing 100's of deals and millions in revenue with brands like Groupon, JP Morgan Chase and Staples. Over the years, I've built and trained teams to become top sellers like myself using a systematic process I call the Buy-in Method:

There's a ton of content out there to get your first meeting - as well as a ton of lists and generalizations about what do or not to do in sales. The challenge is, I haven't found much that's really actionable.

In this 6-email course, I'll send you 1 email per week with tactics you can immediately implement. We'll cover:

1 Pain Buy in - The #1 mistake founders make in sales (and how to make sure you never do it).
2 Change Buy in - Tactics to make change a priority for your prospect and avoid them 'going dark'.
3 Solution/Investment Buy in - How and exactly when to start talking about your product and then its price.
4 Process Buy in - How to shorten your sales cycle avoid and avoid your deal hitting an avoidable roadblock.
5 Agenda Buy in - A quick to learn tactic that will help you avoid getting let on by a 'maybe'.

6 Rapport Buy in - How I'm able to consistently build rapport (without talking about the weather).

These takeaways are backed by millions of dollars in signed deals as well as a touch of modern psychology to get you and your team thinking more methodically about which sales questions you ask.

It's an abridged version of one of the modules in my signature online course which has launched to rave reviews from students and growing number of success stories by the day.

Looking forward to hearing your success stories. See you in your inbox.


"After developing sales processes in new verticals from scratch and closing millions in new business with brands like Groupon, JP Morgan Chase and Staples, I created the Buy-in Method. It's a practical sales methodology based off modern buyer psychology to train you to close twice as many deals with your buyers. This methodology has taken me and those I've coached to consistent 40% close rates. Looking forward to teaching you what some of my students have called 'jedi' skills over 6 emails."

- Juliana Crispo, Founder of Startup Sales Bootcamp