How to Find Business Buyer Pain Points

Recently I had a call I was letting a few executives I was coaching listen in on. One startup founder said something to me in a loving/joking way that I'll never forget, he said...

"Juliana, WTF. I don't get it. You don't even sell. You just ask really good questions so they sell you."

The exact prospect I spoke with on that call ended up signing a contract for $25,000 and a 2 year deal later that week. Not too bad for a weeklong turnaround time.

But here's the trap most entrepreneurs and executives fall into:

You're talking with someone who is a great prospect for your offering.

They start telling you about how much pain they're in (a pain you solve for with your offering)

So naturally, you start to talk about your offering, right?

If so, congratulations, your sales agenda is now completely obvious and they look at you as just another pushy salesperson or self promoting entrepreneur. What do you do instead? Hold off on the pitch and ask specific kinds of questions so they SELL YOU on why they need your offering.

The slideshare above shoes you what I mean.

What are your favorite questions to pull out business buyer pain points? Let me know in the comments.